February is the month of love, Performing Health, February 2018

Dancer Love

February is the month of love. What does that mean for dancers?

·       Being grateful for your body and the marvelous things it can achieve

·       Eating better food to build, modify, and sustain your strength

·       Getting more, and better-quality sleep to repair, grow, and keep energy levels high

·       Being kind not only to yourself, but to your classmates, too

·       Giving your parents and teachers the respect they deserve

·       Challenging your mind and learning something new NOT related to dance

So often we dancers look in the mirror and see only flaws. We don’t give enough credence to what we have and are in the process of accomplishing. This type of negative thinking creates a feedback loop that hinders growth and chips away at self-esteem. Work hard on the physical demands of dance but realize it’s a process that does not happen instantaneously. Smile, find something in your day that gives you joy, judge less, congratulate yourself for persevering, no matter the setback. You are awesome. Embrace it!

February is also heart health month. Dancer specific recommendations include:

·       Quit smoking or don’t start!

·       Read labels and opt for lower sugar alternatives

·       Examine the type of dancing and other physical activities you do and make sure there is a balance of both aerobic and strength training involved