What is peak performance? How is it achieved? 


For every dancer and athlete, personal health and movement quality are fundamentally intertwined.  Yet most students are never taught how to maximize their strength and safeguard their health.

At Performing Health, we offer tools to build, modify, and sustain peak performance.  Backed by evidence-based medicine and rigorous scientific research, we provide

  • Confidential nutritional assessments for individuals or groups of students

  • Dynamic, interactive seminars on health, wellness and injury prevention

  • Customized nutritional counseling to meet a young athletes' personal needs

  • Curriculum development for dance programs, athletic teams, secondary schools, and universities

  • Ongoing health guidance and support





On the field

Credit: Grace Gerociati

Credit: Grace Gerociati

In the studio

Credit: ms.akrGeorgia Dahil-Feuchel

On the road