Popular topics for dancers, athletes, coaches and educators:

  • Nutrition 101 for High Performance Bodies

  • CSI: The Sugar Edition

  • The Great Eight: Why A Good Night’s Sleep Matters

  • Healthy Snacks… Really?

  •  Burn, Baby, Burn: How To Calculate Your Daily Caloric Expenditure

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: How to Overcome the Vicious Cycle of Perfectionism

  • Blueprint for Healthy Weight Loss

  • Cooking and Meal Planning at Home or On the Road

 For teens:

  • Protein is Pro-Teen: How To Tell If You’re Getting Enough of the Good Stuff

  • Awesome Homework (No Kidding!): Exercises in Mindfulness

  • What’s In Your Dance Bag?

  • Up, Down, Up, Down: How Caffeine and Alcohol Take a Toll on Your Performance

  • Love Your Body NOW!

  • The High Wire Act: Balancing Stress and Trying to Please Everyone

 For Parents:

  • Cultivating the Healthy Athlete: Shaping the Mind as Well as the Body

  • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors in Dance Training: Breaking the Cycle

  • Vitamins and Supplements: Useful Tools for Young Dancers or a Waste of Money?

  • Striving for Personal Best

  • Competition Tips for a Healthier Dancer/Athlete

 Train the trainer topics for teachers:

  • Essential Steps for Teaching Mindful Dance

  • Recognizing Disordered Eating in Dancers

  • Reshaping the Dancer’s Body